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Opportunities for women to enter the Fuel Retail Industry

August 06, 2018

Opportunities for women to enter the Fuel Retail Industry

On International Women’s Day 2018, we highlight the importance of women in the fuel retail sector and how key industry players are collectively encouraging and creating more opportunities for women to enter the industry. We attempt to offer perspective on the industry’s value proposition to women as well as the importance that women play in the ownership of service stations. 

Growth in the fuel retail sector 

  • Last year, the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) released a report which stated that the sector contributes in excess of 6% gross domestic product (GDP) in South Africa, with the Gauteng fuel retail sector being the largest contributor.  

  • As a whole, the sector also creates direct and indirect employment for more than 100,000 people. 

  • According to the Department of Energy’s petrol and diesel consumption statistics, the Gauteng market dominates with an average of 36% of total petrol consumption in the country, and just over 23% of total diesel consumption.  

  • According to the Fuel Retailer's Association (FRA) it is estimated that nationally, there are just over 5,000 service stations in the country. 

Why the fuel retail industry needs more women in business 

Service Stations are often at the heart of a community, and the most successful business owners who focus on cultivating a loyal local customer base are well-known in their neighbourhoods. The impact and influential role of women in their communities and families means service stations are often a natural fit for female entrepreneurs.  

The Department of Energy (DOE) is encouraging women to enter the industry (especially black women, in effort to promote greater inclusive participation) and to consider the opportunities available. There exists a perception that the industry is not particularly sophisticated or attractive for women, however those who have entered the industry have proven to have made a meaningful difference. The story of Shell-franchisee Pinky Moabi, facilitated by Nedbank, is one of many inspirational stories of how a female entrepreneur successfully entered the industry.


How to enter the fuel retail industry?  

The founders of PetroCONNECT and other entrepreneurs of fuel retail franchises have inspiring stories to tell about the role mentorship and development played in their success. Many would argue that they owe their success to the people who were willing to mentor, invest and walk the journey with them. PetroCONNECT Academy sits at the heart of our brand, with the goal to empower talented entrepreneurs with the experiential and hands-on skills they need to become qualified in running their very own fuel-retail franchise.  

The first step to entering the industry is to attend a PetroCONNECT workshop, where we address some of the realities and practicalities about the industry and owning a fuel retail business. If you are considering getting into the industry for the very first time, this is the event for you.

Our next PetroCONNECT Academy Workshop in Gauteng on Saturday 25 August 2018 at Rhema Bible Church, Cnr Rabie and Hans Schoeman St, Randpark Ridge, Randburg. The ticket price is R695 per person and includes refreshments, lunch, networking opportunities as well as the PetroCONNECT Fuel Retail 101 Guide. Register and pay for your seat at

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