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Work with experts and accountants who actually understand service station systems and controls

Worry less about your accounts and focus on growing your business

As the owner of a service station, it is challenging to monitor accounting processes, controls and every aspect of the day-to-day. Around-the-clock operations incorporating fuel, a convenience store and QSR’s often come with a host of unique business management problems. We have more than 40 years combined experience across multiple fuel and QSR brands and successfully provide service station owners with simple accounting and control solutions. Using PetroCONNECT Back Office Tool (BOT) which extracts your point of sale data, gathering and reconciling against the source information. We help the site owner manage the risks associated of running a service station. All information can be accessed, viewed and worked on and off-site. The approach works well when the dealer owns multiple sites and we are experienced in advising on these extensive operations. 

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Accounts made simple

We offer the following integrated solution:

  • Allocate bank statement lines (if needed).
  • Reconcile methods of payment daily, i.e. check that what is being captured into the PetroCONNECT BOT is being banked. 
  • Daily BOT check incorporating the three-way fuel variance report with all variances reported to owner or admin staff.
  • Reconcile diesel card accounts and your fuel suppliers account.
  • Weekly creditors recon and monthly creditors age analysis.
  • Send weekly staff shortages to site for deductions.
  • Monthly management accounts (income statement, balance sheet, creditors age analysis etc) inclusive of a monthly meeting with the site owner.
  • Review GP's per department. 
  • Budget with special emphasis on GP's and expenses. 
  • VAT Submission by the 10th of every month. 
  • Preparation of audited financials (optional extra).
  • Prepare your provisional and final tax amounts (optional extra).
  • Daily off-site capturing and reconciling of cashiers and End-of-Day data, giving one peace of mind being a 3rd party, and saving you from having to employ extra administrative staff to do this work (optional extra).

We are confident we have a solution that will fit your operational needs as well as the financial situation of your site - whether you need a full accounting solution or just the basics.

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