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What do we do?

For the South African energy industry to remain sustainable and prosperous, the industry is faced with addressing various challenges related to Sustainability, Ownership and Transformation. Having been through these challenges ourselves and having developed a very clear understanding of the pressures that face those working in this industry, PetroCONNECT was founded with the vision of playing a proactive role in helping all players in the industry to join forces and become empowered, so that we may collectively be part of the industry-wide solutions that are required of us all at this time.

Stages Stages
  1. Insights

    We invest in quality research and content to educate and give guidance to all players in the industry by regularly sharing content and advice that can help demystify some of the tougher topics in the industry.

  2. Transformation

    We help design long-term transformation strategies which are not only sustainable in the true sense of the word, but which are also focused on connecting the right people with each other to form mutually beneficial partnerships. We demystify legislation such as BBBEE and design holistic solutions tailored to your business. 

  3. Sales Advisory & Brokerage

    Once the right people are connected with one another, we take on an advisory role during business transactions ensuring they run smoothly for all parties involved. Our helpful and expert advisors mentor new buyers along every step of the way in securing finance and licensing approvals, amongst many other services.

  4. Academy

    We are passionate about mentorship and skills development. PetroCONNECT Academy empowers entrepreneurs with the practical skills and business know-how to grow and become successful in this industry. We assume a mentorship role for new business owners and guide them every step of the way on their journey.

  5. Systems

    Operating a 24-hour business is no small feat. PetroCONNECT offers back-office systems and risk management solutions that can set new and existing dealers up for operational success and maximum profitability. Our systems are easy and straight-forward, helping the business owner manage cash-flow and finances in real-time from anywhere.


Latest News from our blog

Latest News from our blog

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A how to guide on buying service stations for sale in South Africa

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June 27, 2019

Meet our Readiness Programme Alumni: Pat Mahlangu

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